This website and the e-shop for exhibition and distribution of products (clothes and accessories) online belong to the Greek sole proprietorship company ‘SALT & PEPPER JEANS Ι.Κ.Ε.’ legally represented and based in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, region of Pilea, Tompazi 20 street. Postal code: 55535. (VAT Identification Number: 801475306/ Fifth Public Financial Service of Thessaloniki). General Electronic Commercial Registry Number: G.E.MI 157604906000. E-mail: [email protected]. E-shop hotline: 2310028556. (Hereinafter ‘Company’ or ‘’ or ‘we’).

This Personal Data & Use Of Cookies Privacy Policy (hereinafter ‘Data Policy’) was designed by our company according to the law, aiming to inform you clearly and simply for our policy regarding your personal data provided by you, in order to inform you concerning the purpose of their management and the procedures you may follow to exercise your legal rights.

Our Company complies with the legislation regarding the security and protection of personal data, in force until today according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, hereinafter GDPR.

The Data Policy is part of the General Terms of Use and Transactions of

Amendments may occur in this Policy always according to the law in force. Any amendment will be in force exactly after uploading it on our website. At the same time our visitors will be informed by a notification appearing on our website. In any case, if you continue using our website and the services of our e-shop while the amendments are in force, you are deemed to accept and consent to the amendments unreservedly. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy and possible amendments, we kindly ask you to stop using our website and our e-shop.

  2. Personal Data

Personal data are any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different pieces of information, which when collected together can lead to the identification of a particular person, also constitute personal data. Such information is: name, address, date of birth and sex of the member, telephone number, e-mail address and data of use-for instance member name and password code (EU) 2016/679.

  1. Collected Data

 The User can surf on our website without providing any personal information at all to the company, except if the company informs him/her regarding a relevant request and the User consents.

Completion of the order

When the user makes an order, he/she is asked to provide this information: full name, full address (city, street, number, postal code, region, country) required for the shipping of the products, and telephone number, e-mail address required to inform the customer concerning his/her order.

This information is necessary for the successful completion of the sale. We also use these data to inform the User about the order. The User consents to have his/her necessary personal data collected by the Company-in order to successfully complete the order-by providing his/her personal information, and accepting the terms of use and the policy of the Company. The User must provide true and precise information. The Company must be informed in case any changes occur to ensure that the data are up to date.

Registry in our e-shop

The User is capable to create his/her personal account in our e-shop to obtain our fastest and best services. Registered user, hereinafter ‘member’.

The user has to provide the following information: Full name, full address (city, street, postal code, region, country), telephone number, e-mail address, user name and password.

When a User registers as a member and accept the terms of use and the policy of the Company, he/she consents to have his/her required data collected by the Company. The User provides these data voluntarily. In any case these data are necessary to successfully complete the sale and contact the user about it. The user must provide true and precise information and inform us if any changes occur.

The registered MEMBER can access his/her data through the member’s account and is able to change or delete them. We can also erase/correct them after a simple request by telephone at 2310028556 or by e-mail [email protected] (From Monday to Friday 11.00 a.m. – 17.00 p.m. time in the region of Greece).

Registry in our Newsletter

In order to register in the Newsletter of our Company, you have to fill in the corresponding box with your e-mail address. We may also request your telephone number to send you SMS or viber messages to inform you regarding our products/services/sales and news. We will only send you messages if you agree to receive them. You can stop receiving them at any time with a simple request to our Company or by checking the corresponding box at the end of the viber message.

  1. How we process your data

The personal information provided by you anywhere in our webpages and services of our website are only used for reasons referring to your transactions with our company and communication with our company. We use these data to ensure that we provide the best services possible.

We only ask for the necessary amount of information required to execute the request and complete the sale. They are the essential data enabling our Company to process the User’s order and inform him/her regarding the status of the order. Furthermore we can use your e-mail or your telephone number to inform you concerning sales and offers of our Company’s products.

When you create an account, register in our newsletter/message service or place an order, we mention the reasons why we request you to provide these data. We also mention that you can access them at any time and correct or delete them. We kindly ask you to read more about the Privacy Policy and Data Policy of our Company and we request your consent to process your data always aiming to provide the best possible services.

Our Company does not save and process the data of your chosen payment method (credit/debit card). When a User pays via card he/she is redirected to the bank’s site and performs the payment with the guaranteed security of the e-payment system-concerning confidentiality and privacy of the data. Our company does not receive any additional information regarding the payment. We are only informed that the payment has been completed successfully.

Our Company abides by the Greek and Community law and safely guards your data during your subscription in the services of Also the necessary data of your order are secured by our Company for the necessary amount of time according to the fiscal legislation, or as long as legal claims may occur.

  1. Access to your data

As mentioned in the Privacy Policy of our Company, the Company warrants that it has taken all necessary technical and organizing measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability regarding the User’s data. The User’s data during his/her navigation on our website are secured by means of the SSL certificate.

Our Company explicitly undertakes not to transfer or disclose personal data to third parties without prior User’s consent, unless it is required by law.

If you choose to send your products using a courier company, our Company will request your permission to give your personal information (telephone number) to the courier companies mentioned in the Terms of Use and on our website, in order to ensure successful shipment of the products bought from our e-shop.

If transmission of your data to third parties is necessary in order to complete your order (for instance credit card companies processing your payment regarding a purchase from our e-shop, or our associates providing technical services like technical support) we assure you that your data are always protected by encryption codes and under no circumstances can they lead to the User’s true identity. Third parties can only see numbers and codes which cannot be used for person identification. Our website, e-payment and banking transaction platforms oblige to the security precautions regarding your data and have privacy & personal data policy.

In any case the staff members of our Company, who can access your personal data, are specific and always supervised by the administrator of the e-shop. Access to your personal data by unlicensed parties is forbidden.  All reasonable precautions to secure your data are taken.

The collected data may be shared with competent judicial, police and other administrational authorities following a legal request and in accordance with the legal provisions in force. Additionally our Company is obliged to provide the corresponding service with the relevant data in case of legal provision, order, or formal preliminary investigation.


  1. User’s Consent

When conducting any transaction or using any of our Services according to the Terms of Use of and after declaring that you have been informed and agree to this Personal Data Protection Policy, you consent to have your data processed aiming to improve the service of your choice. When you accept the terms of use and the Data Policy , you consent to have your data collected by our Company (only those necessary for our online sale) for the necessary amount of time according to the fiscal legislation or as long as legal claims may occur.

We always inform you regarding the necessary data and why we need them, because we want you to know that they are only necessary to provide the service of your choice.

There is a special box indicating that you have read the terms of use and the data privacy policy of our Company and you agree. There is also a hyperlink redirecting you to the terms of use and the policy of our Company. We kindly ask you to read both the terms of use and the data privacy policy of our Company.

If you check the box, you are deemed to have read and accepted both the terms and the policy and unreservedly consent to have your data processed for the reason mentioned.

Reasons for consenting

Completing your order. When the user places an order, either as a member or as a user, accepting the terms of use and the policy of the Company, he/she consents to have his/her data collected by the Company (the necessary data to process and complete the order) to inform the User regarding the order and delivery. To ship the products via Courier Company, our Company requests the user’s consent to provide the courier companies-mentioned in the Terms of Use and on our Website-with the user’s data (full address and telephone number). When the user provides these data he/she consents to the process described above.

Commercial reasons. When you register in our Newsletter aiming to receive informational messages regarding our products/services/sales& offers and our news, you consent to receiving informational e-mails from us. Furthermore, we may request your telephone number-in order to send you brief messages (either SMS or Viber), to inform you regarding our services/products/sales & offers and our news. We will only send you messages if you consent.

You agree that if there is evidence of fraudulent conduct and if it is necessary, our Company has the right to collect, process and use the necessary data to prove it and also cancel offers based on false information. We may also collect, process and use data regarding any other unlawful or inappropriate use of our e-shop.

Data transfer in case of legal order/ data transfer without legal order: Data transfer is forbidden by law. You consent to have your data transferred to supervisory authorities for the necessary state and public safety protection and prosecution of criminal acts.

You have the right to withdraw your permission at any time, according to article 7 par.3 of GDPR, which will be in force for the data process after your withdrawal.

  1. User’s rights regarding personal data

According to the applicable legislation regarding personal data, the User has the right to update, access, modify, correct, delete, restrict and not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, as described in articles 15-22 of GDPR. The User can also submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority for any violation regarding his/her personal data.

Right to access and update

The User has the right to access his/her personal data and be informed regarding: which data are being processed and why, if third parties have acquired them, for how long they are saved or the criteria determining the time period, the right to request rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of personal data processing, the right to object the processing, and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. If the personal data are not collected by the same person, the User has the right to request available information regarding their origin and if automated decision making is possible.

Right to rectification and erasure

The User has the right to request rectification of his/her personal data with a simple request to our Company, by telephone or e-mail. The User has also the right to request erasure of his/her personal data, which are no longer necessary either because their purpose is fulfilled, or because the User does not consent any more to their processing. But the User does not have the right to erase data necessary for fiscal reasons, establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

The registered member user can access his/her account-created by him/her via our e-shop-and process his/her data, modify them or even totally erase information or his/her account. Furthermore Users/members registered in our Newsletter or in our SMS/Viber message services can request erasure either by a simple request to our Company or by choosing to cancel their registration at the end of the e-mail or SMS/Viber message.  

Right to object & restrict data processing

The User has the right to request data processing restriction if the accuracy of the personal data is contested by the data subject, for a period enabling the controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data. Also if the processing is unlawful and if the Company no longer needs the personal data for processing, but they are required by the data subject for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. The user is informed before the restriction of processing is lifted.

The data subject shall have the right to object, on grounds relating to his or her particular situation, at any time to the processing of his/her personal data especially when the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out for reasons of public interest, or because of legitimate interests. Particular circumstances justifying his/her objection must be described in the objection request.

If you think that your data protection rights are not respected, you can submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.



Contact and requests

Our Company is always available to provide information, explanations and receive your requests. Contact us by telephone 2310028556 or by email [email protected] (From Monday to Friday 11.00-17.00 Time in the region of Greece).

You can submit your request and we will inform you by telephone or e-mail within a month from the day we received your request. If your request is too complicated, the deadline may be delayed by two months. If we are not able to answer, we will inform you without delays within a month after your request, regarding the reasons why we cannot fulfill your request, and regarding your right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority. We have to ensure that your personal information is correct, so we may ask you to confirm your personal data, or request further information for your identification. Your requests are fulfilled without extra charges, unless they are excessive, or cost too much.    


This website uses cookies. When the User enters our website he/she is informed regarding the use of cookies and there is an available hyperlink redirecting to this cookies usage policy.  If you accept the cookies usage policy by clicking on the corresponding box, and you continue using our website, you are deemed to consent to have your cookies saved by our company.

You can read more about the cookies that we use, the purpose they serve, and the way they are processed below.


  1. Cookies

A cookie is typically a small piece of data sent to your computer/mobile phone/tablet device from a website and stored in your web browser while you are browsing a website. When you browse the same website again, the data stored in the cookie may be retrieved by the website to notify the website of your previous activity. Such data are the user’s preferences in a website, indicated by the user’s choices in the website (specific searches, ads etc.)

We do not use cookies to collect information and identify the user personally. Our cookies do not access documents and files in your computer/mobile phone/tablet.

More information about cookies, their usage and erasure can be found at

  1. Types of cookies and usage

The cookies described below are used in our website. Session cookies, also known as 'temporary cookies', help websites recognize users and the information provided when they navigate through a website. Session cookies only retain information about a user's activities for as long as they are on the website. Once the web browser is closed, the cookies are deleted. Permanent cookies, also known as 'persistent cookies', remain in operation even after the web browser has closed until you delete them. Permanent cookies retain information for 30 days. If the user enters our website after 5 days, for instance, the cookies are refreshed and they retain information for 30 days.


  1. Cookie tracking the time that the user spends in the webpage. It is used to check the effectiveness of the webpage and improve the content. It also allows us to optimize website functionality depending on users' habits and styles of navigation. (Temporary)
  2. Cookie locating the visitors that enter the website for the first time. It is used to measure this website’s increase regarding the number of visits. (Permanent)
  3. Cookie tracking the regional setting from which the service is accessed. It is used to measure the functionality of the website in third parties’ websites or search engines. (Permanent)
  4. Cookie tracking the user’s preferences. (Which webpages are more often visited and their content.) It is used to check the effectiveness of the webpage and improve the content. It also allows us to improve the site's quality depending on users' habits and styles of navigation.(Permanent)
  5. Cookie tracking the regional setting from which the service is accessed. It is used to measure functionality and publicity of the webpage. Thus enabling us to adjust the shipping costs and the limit, above which the shipping is free of charge. Sometimes also language preference (country_code, country_title, language, has_free_delivery, delivery_zone_cost, delivery_zone_cost_limit). (Permanent)


Other cookies saved later:




The only User ID is saved in this cookie, in case a registered user enters his/her account in the webpage (log in, sign in) or a new user signs in. This enables us to identify the users, so that if they visit the website again a few days later (less than 30) they don’t have to sign in, they are already connected.




This refers to the list of products and how many of them are exhibited in each column. They can be shown three or four at a time.


Third party Cookies


We only use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel third party cookies. If you enter third parties’ websites via our website or connect to social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube, we inform you that these third parties’ websites may provide cookies if you click on the link. These cookies are beyond our control and are governed by the cookie policy of the third party. You have to read the policies of the websites, in order to decide if you want to accept and agree with them.


During your navigation in our website and your transactions with us via our services, our Company can collect your personal data and other information about you using our Cookies (First Party Cookies) and third party cookies (Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel). These data and information are used by our company for marketing, statistical and commercial reasons. We also use the data and information to facilitate market research in order to measure functionality of our website and improve our products and services, optimize and update the content of the website, adjust the website to the users’ needs and also to measure functionality and publicity of in third parties’ websites. These data facilitate the user’s log in his/her account, storage of the products in the user’s basket, function of the user’s basket and verification of server errors etc.





  1. Delete and manage Cookies


Most browsers provide different ways to manage Cookies. These ways vary depending on the browser. The user can allow cookies to be stored, delete/turn off already existing cookies, or receive notifications when cookies are received. Information for cookies management and deletion can be usually found in ‘Help’, ‘Tools’, or ‘Edit’ menus in your browser. You can also read a more detailed guide at Cookies management and deletion is explained concerning most browsers.


We kindly ask you to bear in mind that in case you deny or disable our website’s cookies, functionality of the website may be partially lost. Furthermore, if you disable a cookie or a cookie category, the browser cookie is not deleted. In order to do this, modification of your browser’s settings is required.  

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