The Company warrants that it has taken all necessary technical and organizing measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability regarding the User’s data. The company uses equipment -and constantly ensures that it is up to date-concerning the safe and adequate function of the shop and checks the reliability and effectiveness of the safety equipment. For instance security backup systems, protection, antivirus, protection against malicious acts etc. are used.

The User’s data during his/her navigation on our website are secured by means of the SSL certificate. 

Secure transactions

The Company has taken all necessary technical measures to ensure safety of the transaction information.

All transactions, which include use of credit or debit cards, are performed through the e-payment system of the bank, using encryption. When a User pays via card he/she is redirected to the bank’s site and performs the payment with the guaranteed security of the e-payment system. Our company does not receive any additional information regarding the payment. We are only informed that the payment has been completed successfully. When the payment is completed successfully, the user is redirected to our website and completes the order.

Payment via PayPal takes place in a secure environment and according to the terms of transactions of the PayPal company, ensuring privacy and confidentiality of your data. Our company does not manage your data regarding this kind of payment; we are only informed that the payment has been completed successfully. The user is then redirected to our website and completes the order.

Data security of User-Members       

The Company abides by all safety regulations to enable every User to safely access the user-member account he/she created.  

However, the User promises to comply with the appropriate security measures concerning his/her account, in order to maintain privacy of the account information.

The Company states that it is not liable to repair any damage occurring because of the User’s failure to comply with the safety regulations. Hence the User must safely exit his/her account (log out) and protect the privacy of his/her personal data from any third party.

In case of loss or if the User fails to protect the privacy of his/her secret code from third parties, the User must inform the Company by telephone 2310028556 or by e-mail [email protected].



We would also like to inform you that our Company abides by the code of conduct of the Greek e-Commerce Association- GRECA, which provides the minimum code of ethics and professional conduct, that must be respected regarding consumers but also regarding companies selling goods/services through  digital channels.

This Privacy Policy is part of the General Terms of Use and Transactions of This Policy might be amended, always according to the law in force. Any amendment will be in force, when the amended Policy is uploaded on our website. Visitors will be informed via a notification appearing on our home page. If you continue using our webpage and the services resulting from it and our e-shop, you are deemed to have unreservedly accepted these amendments. In case you do not accept the terms of this Policy and possible amendments, we kindly ask you to stop using the webpage and our e-shop.

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