Transactions-Terms and Conditions

  1. General Terms


  1. Introduction

This site (  and e-shop for on-line exhibition and distribution of products (clothes and accessories), belongs to the Greek Sole Proprietorship called ‘SALT & PEPPER JEANS Ι.Κ.Ε.’ legally represented and based in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, region of Pilea, Tompazi 20 street. Postal code: 55535. (VAT Identification Number: 801475306/ Fifth Public Financial Service of Thessaloniki). General Electronic Commercial Registry Number: G.E.MI 157604906000. E-mail: [email protected]. E-shop hotline: 2310028556. (Hereinafter ‘Company’ or ‘’ or ‘we’).


Through our website, you are able to see our products as they are exhibited and purchase at a distance, via our e-shop. This website, provided by the company is not a proposal for the formation of sale contracts with each user. You acknowledge that your visit to this website and remote purchases of products via this website take place according to specific conditions pertaining to their use and transactions, resulting from the conditions regarding sales and use of the website, which are provided below, but also according to current legislation. Hereinafter you will be called User.

  1. Use of the website

Before entering our webpage we advise you to consult these Terms of Use and Transactions and ensure that you agree. In case you continue exploring our website and e-shop, we assume that you have read these Terms and Conditions and you unreservedly agree and consent.

Every user entering our website, conducting transactions or using the services of our e-shop (for instance signing up to our newsletter and purchasing our products) is deemed to have agreed unconditionally to be bound by these Terms and Conditions regarding the Use and Transactions, which are hereby expressed without exception.

In case you make an on-line purchase, before completing your order, you will have to check the special box, consenting that you have read the Terms and Conditions and you agree. Upon clicking on the acceptance icon indicated on the Site, the User confirms to have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

The User who buys products through this website consents that he/she approves and satisfies the legal requirements concerning the conclusion of the agreement and that he/she is an ADULT person.

  1. Amendments

The Company reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to alter or refresh unilaterally the Terms of Use or/and when amendments are required by law, possibly without prior notice, always according to the principles of commercial usage and the limitations set by legislation. The Company is committed to informing you regarding any amendments, through the website. Any amendments will apply when they are uploaded on this webpage or when required by legislation.  It is stipulated that any amendments regarding the Terms of Use do not affect orders placed through our e-shop before the entry into force of the amendments in accordance with the above. If you continue using the Website you will be deemed to have accepted these changes.

  1. Provision of Information

Information provided by this website is complete, true, valid and up to date, whether it is related to our ID, or to products/services delivered by our e-shop. The guaranties mentioned above are subject to unintended technical or typographical errors which cannot be predicted, interruptions of system operation and to cases of 'force majeure'. has taken all the necessary measures in order to keep available quantity and sizes of our products up to date. However, we retain explicit reservation regarding the validity of the available quantity and sizes of products, since it is possible that the update procedure takes place within a reasonable time period from modification. In any case you will be informed through the order confirmation email, if the product you have ordered is not available.

  1. Disclaimer of the Company
  2. Responsibility concerning usage of this website and transactions with our e-shop is yours. It is agreed that the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to it, the User or any third party because of the user’s failure to properly comply with the terms of use of this website, or because of an error related to the function, usage of this website or inability to provide services or products or information shared from the User or from any unauthorized interventions of third parties to products, services and information shared.
  3. The Company is not responsible and obliged to compensate for any damage caused when the order is cancelled or not performed for any reason-when it is not our fault. We do not guarantee that products exhibited in the website are available, but inform the customer about availability, according to retained data. We also undertake to inform the customers in a timely manner when a product is not available, so we shall not be responsible for anything else.    
  4. The Company makes reasonable efforts concerning the maintenance and availability of its content. However, the Company notes that, there is a possibility that technical errors occur with immediate effect to the way the contents of the website are presented online (e.g. photographs, prices, texts etc.) for reasons which do not involve responsibility of the Company and promises to make every effort in order to enable the recovery as soon as possible.

It is expressly agreed that the Company is not responsible if at any time- or for any amount of time-the website is unavailable.

  1. This webpage may include hyperlinks and links to other websites. The Company expressly notes that it is not responsible for the content of these websites, which are subject to their own terms and conditions. The user is obliged to read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing any webpage.
  2. Intellectual property rights

The content of this website including titles, logos, pictures, graphics, photographs, designs, texts etc. constitutes the intellectual and industrial property of the Company and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law or international arrangements or intellectual/industrial property of third parties. Copying, transferring or deriving elements of this website, or misleading the public regarding the true provider of the e-shop is forbidden. Carrying out acts of reproduction, publishing, loading, notice, proliferation or distribution or any other use of the content by any means for commercial or other reasons-without the prior written permission of the Company or any other beneficiary of the copyrights-is prohibited. Names, logos and distinctive characteristics, which are displayed on our e-shop and describe it, or products and services of the company or third parties are property of the Company or third parties, protected by the trademark law. Their use on our e-shop shall not, under any circumstances, authorize or entitle third parties to use them.

  1. User responsibility

The user/customer agrees to use our services, information and data of our e-shop as defined by the law and on the basis of the rules of good faith and fair dealing.

Use of the website is prohibited for:

  1. Sending, publication, sending by e-mail or transmitting by other means any illegal content that causes illegal damage to the company or any third party or infringement of confidentiality regarding the data of any party.
  2. Sending, publication, sending by e-mail or transmitting by other means illegal, menacing, offensive, obscene content etc.
  3. Sending, publication, sending by e-mail or transmission by other means of any content, which users do not hold the right to transmit according to the law or valid contracts (for instance confidential data, proprietary data, and confidential information revealed through employment relations protected by confidentiality and professional secrecy).
  4. Sending, publication, sending by e-mail or transmission by other means of any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual copyrights or other proprietary rights of any third parties.
  5. Sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission by other means of any material containing software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, cause damage or destroy any software or hardware of the computers.
  6. Intentional or non-intentional violation of law in force or provisions.
  7. Harassment of third parties by any means.
  8. Collecting or saving personal data regarding other users.
  9. Privacy policy

The Company warrants that it has taken all the necessary technical and organizing measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability regarding the User’s data. The company uses equipment -and constantly ensures that it is up to date-concerning the safe and adequate function of the shop and checks the reliability and effectiveness of the safety equipment. For example security backup systems, protection, antivirus, protection against malicious acts etc. are used.

The User’s data during his/her navigation on our website is secured by means of the SSL certificate. 

The Company also complies with the safety regulations regarding the safe access provided to any User, who has created a member’s account.

When a User creates an account, he/she promises to respect the safety regulations, in order to keep the personal information of his/her account safe.

The Company states that it is not responsible to restore any harm or damage done because of the User’s failure to comply with the safety regulations. This is why the User has to safely exit his/her account after any communication and never share his/her personal account information with any third parties.

In case the User loses the account password, or shares it with third parties, he/she should immediately inform the Company by e-mail at [email protected] or call 2310028556.


  1. Contact

For any question or complain regarding the content of the terms of use of this webpage, the User can contact us by calling  2310028556 or by e-mail at [email protected] (from Monday to Friday 11 a.m- 17 p.m local time in Greece)

  1. Codes of conduct

Our Company complies with the code of conduct of the Greek e-Commerce Association- GRECA, which provides the minimum code of ethics and professional conduct, that must be respected regarding the consumer but also regarding companies selling goods/services through  digital channels.




  1. Purchasing via our e-shop


  1. Order



The prices of our products include VAT. In the final price shown before placing the order, cost of cash-on-delivery payment, if this is the way you have chosen to pay, and shipment costs will be included. See more regarding our charges B.3.

Before checking the ‘CONFIRM AND PLACE ORDER’ box, which is the final level of your order’s completion, and after you have provided the required information and have declared that you have ‘READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS OF USE’ you are informed regarding the price you will have to pay (product cost including VAT, shipment and cash-on-delivery payment extra charges). By placing your order you are obliged to pay its price. If you agree, click on the ‘PLACE ORDER’ box, then your order is placed on our e-shop.


After placing your order as described above, you will receive an e-mail from at the e-mail address provided in your Member’s account, or the e-mail address provided in your order as a User, indicating we have received your order and showing the products that you have ordered and the terms and conditions applying. From this point on, you will have to do nothing until you receive your order.

When your order is delivered to our associate courier company (see B.3) or other associate company, you will receive a new e-mail indicating the code of your order. With that code you will be able to check the status of your order until it arrives to the delivery address indicated by you on your order.  



When the order is delivered to the associate courier company (see B.3) or other associate courier company of your choice, you will receive a new e-mail with an identification code so that you can monitor the delivery status of your order, until it arrives to the delivery address indicated on your order.



Orders of products may be cancelled for the following reasons:


Before completing your order


Before placing your order, according to the above mentioned (see B.1.1), you have the right to go ‘back’ and remove products you do not wish to purchase from your basket by clicking on the corresponding box.


After completing your order but before receiving the products.




*In case you deny receiving the products and the payment method you have chosen is cash-on-delivery, we inform you that due to safety reasons you will not be able to choose the same payment method for any other order. You will have to pay via debit/credit card, pay pal or by depositing the money on a bank account (See below B.4 Payment methods).


After receiving the product.





  1. Product delivery



Shipment cost:

Our associate delivery companies are ACS COURIER and ELTA COURIER-DOOR TO DOOR.


Shipments for the region of Greece cost 3.00 Euros. In case you choose cash-on-delivery payment method you will be charged 2.00 Euros extra for the region of Greece.


Delivery timeline:

Orders are due to arrive within 2 to 5 working days after the processing procedure is complete and are ready to be delivered- this is valid only for shipments within the country of Greece. It is noted that in the above mentioned delivery timelines, the time required for the process of the order, which equals to two (2) working days at least, is not included. Some orders, shall require, but shall not be limited to, a larger amount of time than two days for the process of the order, in case of lack of directly available stock for special orders and custom-made orders (orders placed in consultation with the company). We will inform you via e-mail regarding the time that your order is delivered to courier company.


In the delivery timelines Saturdays, Sundays, or any public holidays are not included. In any case the legal timeline is within 30 days after the conclusion of the contract.


The timelines above are not valid in case of extreme weather conditions or strikes and any case of force majeure possibly affecting the delivery timelines.


In case you prefer any other courier company of your choice which is not our associate, the shipment costs are your responsibility independently of place/time of delivery. In this case shall not be held responsible for any delay regarding the delivery of your products.



Our company makes reasonable efforts to appropriately deliver your products in a timely manner, but your order may be delayed in case:




In such cases-as described above-we will contact you to ask you if you want your order to be delivered without the unavailable/delayed product, or to offer an alternative, or to inform you regarding the delivery timeline. In case you are not satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel your order partially or totally and receive a refund of any amount of money paid.


In case of delay you can call us 2310028556 every working day, Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 17:00 local time in Greece, or by e-mail at [email protected] and you will be informed regarding the reason of the delay, while being able to withdraw from your order partially or totally.


  1. Shipment cost


In Greece

Orders cost 3 euros extra-per order- for the region of Greece. The cash-on-delivery payment method costs 2 euros extra.

In case the delivery region you have chosen is out of limits of courier companies we are responsible to deliver the order alternatively, maintaining the above mentioned cost (for orders in the region of Greece).


Cyprus and other countries

For orders to Cyprus shipments cost 15 euros per order, for orders in the region of Europe shipments cost 35 euros per order and shipment to America, Australia and Asia costs 50 euros. Shipment costs regardless of the value of the products ordered. You will be informed concerning the courier company responsible for the delivery of the products in your country via e-mail, when the courier company receives your order.




You pay when you receive the order. When the courier company employee arrives at your delivery place of choice, to deliver the products, you pay the price of the order. In case you choose this payment method, you will be charged 2 euros extra.

Cash-on-delivery is not available for orders to Cyprus and other countries.

In case you deny receiving the products and the payment method you have chosen is cash-on-delivery we inform you that due to security reasons you will not be able to choose the specific payment method for your next order, but you will have to choose a payment method from below:



We accept credit and debit cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA Electron, Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode. Transactions through our e-shop are secured by high quality online security systems, which guarantee a safe environment for most of the 500 largest companies of the world. In the (secure) form of the order, you fill in all the required fields (card number, expiration date, CCV). guarantees to have taken all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure fidelity, confidentiality and availability of the User’s information. It also processes the information of your card only to fulfill the particular transaction, the payment of the products which you have ordered from our e-shop. More information regarding the security of your transactions is available at the Privacy Policy of our e-shop. Also processing of your personal data is governed by the Policy for Protection of Personal data Cookies of


‘Recognizing the importance of payments through the internet, EveryPay is a licensed payment institution from the Bank of Greece (decision number 280/3/23-7-2018 Official Gazette Issue No. B 3010/25-7-2018). It processes the data of payment via cards securely. Everypay is qualified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS). All services of Everypay take place through secure connections with 256 bit SSL certificates. Everypay supports the use of 3D Secure, an additional safeguard for VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners& Discover cards. The consumer will then have to fill in the secret code to successfully complete the transaction.’



You can transfer the cost of the order to these accounts:

  1. Piraeus Bank: GR4101722200005220101787859
  2. Alpha Bank: GR8301407040704002002022249
  3. Eurobank: GR7102600140000290201010781
  4. National Bank of Greece: GR9501108310000083100575253


Recipient account: SALT & PEPPER JEANS Private Company


In order to receive the best service possible, you are required to mention the code of your order during the transaction.


  1. Withdrawal




When you want to return the product you have bought from our e-shop and receive a refund, you have the right to withdraw from the purchase you have made through our e-shop within fourteen (14) days, without mentioning the reasons or giving any explanations. (Withdrawal without explanation).


For special orders following consultation with us and orders signed ‘custom-made’ you do NOT have the right to withdraw, neither the ability to return and replace them.


The above mentioned timeline of fourteen (14) days for the withdrawal right of the article 5.1, starts from the day after you or the person you have chosen to receive your products, actually receive the products you have bought. In case you have ordered more than one products with one order and they are separately delivered, the timeline for the withdrawal right according to the above, begins from the day after you or the person you have chosen to receive your products, actually receive the last product.



 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal of the article 5.1 above, you have to inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal written statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail sent to the contact information of  below) before the withdrawal period has expired or fill in the attached MODEL WITHDRAWAL FORM (found at the end of the text) and send it (print or attach it) according to the above. Use of the attached form is not necessary, but you must communicate your withdrawal statement in written form.



In order to meet the withdrawal timeline you have to send your statement-concerning the exercise of your right of withdrawal-to us before the withdrawal period has expired (before the fourteenth day from the day after you received your product). It is expressly agreed that your statement regarding the withdrawal right is considered to have been received by us, the next working day from the day the Withdrawal Statement was sent to us.


In case you exercise the withdrawal right according to the above, you must return the product-from the purchase of which you withdraw-directly to the address written below, without unjustified delay and within fourteen (14) days from the day we received the withdrawal statement. The timeline is considered to be met if you return the product(s) before the end of the 14 day period.


The cost of the return shall be paid by you and the product has to be sent only with a Courier company of your choice.


The consumer is responsible for any damage caused by the use of the product-except the necessary check of the characteristics and function of a product. In case of withdrawal and return of the product, our Company will examine the product to make sure that the product has not been damaged, it doesn’t carry additional scents, it is not dirty, it has not been used and worn outdoors and the guarantee seal remains intact, before the refund takes place.

(see 5.5 returns of products).



If you withdraw from a purchase according to the above, you will be fully refunded including the delivery cost (except additional cost resulting from your choice to use other ways of delivery than the cheapest that we provide) subject to the information explicitly provided below.   


The refund usually takes place immediately, in any case the refund will be completed within fourteen (14) days from the day receive the product returned according to the above and subject to article 5.5.


The refund takes place by bank transfer to the account indicated by you to during the withdrawal. Under no circumstances is this kind of refund additionally charged.



We reserve the right to delay the refund until we receive the returned product- from the purchase of which you withdraw- in the same condition, as you received it.


In case of withdrawal according to the above, it is specified that you are obliged to return products bought on a discount resulting from the purchase of the product-from which you withdraw. Otherwise the withdrawal shall be deemed not to have been performed; hence we shall not be responsible for anything.


You acknowledge and consent that you are responsible for any damage of the product you return. This damage results from the use of the product-except the necessary check of the characteristics and function of the product.


It is clarified, however that in order to get a refund in case of withdrawal, the product must be in a perfect condition-like it was when you received it- without damage and it must be whole, in the original packaging and all relevant documents including any receipts must be included. does NOT receive returned products which carry odors, are dirty, damaged and give us the impression that they have been used-beyond the necessary check of the fitting. Under no circumstances should the guarantee seal be removed.


In addition to the returned product, all the documents which you received through the delivery-and necessarily the receipt- must be returned, otherwise does not receive the returned product, since you agree that the withdrawal right is not legitimate according to these terms and conditions. When such cases occur, you are charged for the returned products and withdrawal shall be deemed not to have been performed.


  1. Replacement of products


You reserve the right to return the product that you have received within 30 days and ask for a replacement of other size or other product. Product return aiming to replacement is not a withdrawal therefore it is not subject to article 5.


For returns of products that are replaced you are charged with shipping costs. 


It is expressly agreed that the replacement of the product takes place after the product is returned to our Company in the same perfect condition as you received it. Our Company does not replace products which carry scents, are dirty, damaged or when necessary documents are missing or labels are damaged. In this case we do not receive them, they are returned to you and you are obliged to pay for the shipping costs.


  1. Special orders and ‘Custom-made’ orders cannot be returned


For the special orders, which take place after consultation with us and special orders signed ‘custom-made’, you DO NOT have the right to withdraw and request refund. You cannot request a replacement or return for such orders.


  1. Liability of the supplier regarding faulty products, products that are not as described or loss of a product.


  1. co shall be responsible according to law. Especially in case of faulty product you can: a) ask for repair without charges, unless it is impossible or requires a great amount of money.  b) Ask for replacement (see B.6) or (c) withdraw according to the procedure above (B.5).


You will have to exercise the rights described above within (30) thirty days from the day after you received your product. In any case you have to return the product to us within this timeline. In any case the necessary legal documents and receipts must be returned with the product.


The obligations of our Company described above stop in case the defect is caused by force majeure, or by you, or the product returned carries scents, is dirty, damaged and gives an impression that it has been used-beyond the necessary check to ensure that it is appropriate.


  1. In case of loss of the product, you reserve the right to withdraw from the purchase and receive a refund of the money spent for your order. In this case you have to follow the withdrawal procedure.


  1. In case your order is wrong (wrong product, price etc.) you have to inform us as soon as possible at: [email protected] via e-mail, or call us at 2310028556, Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 17.00 (time in the region of Greece)


For your own convenience and to make things easier for our Company in case of faulty product or wrong order we kindly ask you to send a picture of the product and the necessary documents to our e-mail.


We additionally inform you that the product(s) are at the company’s risk until you or a person identified by you to take possession of the product(s), receive the product(s). When you choose a company-which is not one of the companies we suggest-to transport the purchased product(s), you become responsible for the loss or damage of the products from the moment the products are delivered to the company, without prejudice to the rights of the consumer.


The manufacturer of each product you buy is responsible for any damage resulting from defects of the product, or products that are not as described, according to article 534 of the Civil Code. Every agreement to restrict or exempt the manufacturer from these responsibilities is invalid. If you have purchased a product from us and you are not sure regarding the manufacturer’s information, please contact us.






These Final Terms are the final and only terms into force regarding Service provision from Company to the User and they cancel any previously occurring contracts and arrangements both spoken and written between the Company and the User regarding the use of the Service.




Under no circumstances should any delay, negligence or tolerance-regarding the ensuring of the compliance enforcement- be taken as withdrawal, neither does it damage any rights of the Company. If any of these provisions shall be judged invalid by any competent court or authority, the remaining provisions remain valid.




In case any part of these provisions is judged invalid, the rest of the provisions remain valid-these General Terms apply without the invalid part. The Company will try to replace every invalid provision, with a new valid provision resulting, as equivalently as possible, to the replaced provision.




Every dispute between the contracting parties regarding the application, meaning or validity of the terms of the contract, the rights and obligations of the contracting parties or a tort/delict, is interpreted in accordance with the Greek laws and within the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Thessaloniki. The parties are hereby subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Thessaloniki voluntarily.


Alternatively, the solution of extra-judicial compromise via the European Institute for Conflict Resolution is suggested.







(Article 4, Law 2251/1994)


To: The Greek Sole Proprietorship called ‘SALT & PEPPER JEANS Ι.Κ.Ε.’ legally represented and based in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, region of Pilea, Tompazi 20 street. Postal code: 55535. (VAT Identification Number: 801475306/ Fifth Public Financial Service of Thessaloniki). General Electronic Commercial Registry Number of the Company: G.E.MI 157604906000. E-mail: [email protected]. E-shop hotline: 2310028556 (


      Full Name: ………………………………………………………………………………..

      Address: ……………………………………………………………………………………

      Postal Code: ………………………………………………………………………………

      City: …………………………………………………………………………………………..

      Telephone: …………………………………………………………………………………

      Fax: …………………………………………………………………………………………….

      E-mail: …………………………………………………………………………………………

I hereby inform of my withdrawal from the contract of sale number …………………../.…/…./202.... regarding the following product(s) without mentioning the reasons or giving any explanations.



I declare that:

-I perform the withdrawal right without mentioning the reasons or giving any explanations and return the products within fourteen (14) days, from the day I received them.

     -The products and their packaging remain intact-in as new           condition-they have not been unpacked, used or damaged.

      Date: …….../ …….…/ 202…...

I request a refund to my bank account ……………………………………….......………………………………………....................... of the bank ……………………………………….......…………………………………….... .

I submit a refund request according to the General Terms of Use.

Full name of the consumer requesting the withdrawal




*signed only if the document is communicated on paper.

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